Four Year Old Classroom

Fours Room (4 – 5 Years)

Staff/Child Ratio 1:10; Maximum class size: 20

The children in our Fours Room are busy getting ready for kindergarten!  While building on the consistent daily schedule and curriculum experienced in the other classrooms, these students also work on “soft skills” like patiently waiting to take a turn to speak in a group, walking and standing in line, and being able to stick with a task for a period of time.  They have a daily “table time” to become accustomed to working at a table aside other students, in preparation for kindergarten.  Student helpers are an integral part of this classroom’s structure, reinforcing teamwork and leadership skills.

Our four year olds do have regular meal and snack times, served in our colorful Cafeteria. Additionally, children in this classroom have ample opportunity for hands-on learning and more in-depth experiences, taking several field trips over the course of the school year.  The Fours Room is led by Lori Webster and Ashley Babb, who have been a part of the St. Paul’s ELC team for a combined 25 years.