Infant Room

Infant Room (0-8 months)

Staff/Child Ratio 1:4, Maximum class size: 8

Infants are on their own schedules in this room!  We follow each child’s cues for eating, sleeping, and playing.  We also take walks in our infant sized “Bye Bye Buggy”.  Little ones have “tummy time” and other developmentally appropriate activities daily, as well as ample interaction with loving teachers.  Our lead infant teacher, Kathy Patient, has provided loving care for babies here at St. Paul’s ELC for 15 years.  The other teachers in the Infant Room, Audum Black and Sara York, also have a combined total of 12 years of experience here.

For infants who are breastfed, our staff are experienced in the storage and heating of breastmilk.  Mothers are welcome to come to the ELC to nurse during the day if available to do so.  For infants who are formula fed, we provide formula or utilize the formula provided by the family.  We work in cooperation with parents and the family doctor to introduce levels of solids/baby food as the child shows interest and need.