Two Year Old Classroom

Twos Room (24-36 months)

Staff/Child Ratio 1:8; Maximum class size: 16

Our Twos have a consistent daily routine, which includes circle time, choice “free play” in learning centers, music, art activities, science, and other sensory activities.  With a “kid-sized” bathroom as part of the classroom, children are able to learn and reinforce essential potty-training skills, preparing them for a more successful transition to the Threes Room when the time comes.  Children learn social skills and language development, and grow in their independence as they gain an understanding of how to do some skills on their own.

The children really start building the foundation for early learning through hands-on activities in this room.  They also have dedicated time daily in our indoor play space or on the playground. Meals and snacks are served in the classroom, and children do have a time of rest in the afternoon, each on their own cot.  The Twos Room is led by Michelle Wall and Jill Henson.  While they are both newer additions to our St. Paul’s ELC team, each have several years of experience working with children.