Waddler Room

Waddler Room (8-15 months)

Staff/Child Ratio 1:4; Maximum class size: 8

The Waddlers have a flexible schedule.  They do have a routine for the day, but adjustments can be made as needed, such as an additional nap.  This group is more mobile, and children in this class are generally making the transition from learning how to crawl, to first steps, to walking.  The Waddlers have plenty of time for exploring toys and engaging in songs with the teachers.

They enjoy taking rides in our 4-6 seat “Bye Bye Buggy”, and they are the youngest of our ELC children to use our Indoor Play Area.  There is always time for a snuggle with one of our Waddler teachers, Darla Teeters and Jane Farmer, who have been a part of our St. Paul’s ELC team for a combined 22 years.

As with the Infant Room, our staff are experienced in the storage and heating of breastmilk and are able to continue to care for children who are breastfed.  Mothers are welcome to come to the ELC to nurse during the day if available to do so.  For children who are formula fed, we provide formula or utilize the formula provided by the family.  We also provide milk as children progress to that stage.

We work in cooperation with parents and the family doctor to introduce appropriate levels of baby food and other solid foods as the child shows interest and need.